a need to be needed

Veröffentlicht: März 14, 2009 in Gefühle, Selbstgespräche
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– You leave me on my own. Why? … You never told me what you wanted me to do. You never wanted me to do anything… You think I’m weak…
– You are weak.
– I am? I am. So what?
– Nothing. You react defensive.
– I don’t care how I react.
– You do.
– Do I?
– Yes.
– Well… I do. But it’s not the point.
– What is the point?
– I don’t know. I… wanted you to… I thought you needed me.
– You wanted me to need you?
– Yes, I guess…
– Why?
– Because… Because it’s nice to feel needed…
– Nice?
– Well, it gives you something… something you didn’t have…
– It gives an illusion.
– An illusion? An illusion of what?
– Of having something. Of having a meaning.
– Do you think there is a meaning? Somewhere, in some form? Some form of meaning?
– There might be. But… Not the way you’re looking for it. Not in me. Not in someone needing you.
– Then where? If no one needs me, I’m… useless…
– You’re searching in the wrong place. ‚Needing‘ is not the category.
– What then?
– Do you want me to tell you that?
– I’m…
– Think about it. Start listening. You already have all the answers.


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