Insomnia Talk

Veröffentlicht: Dezember 29, 2009 in Fragen, Gefühle, Selbstgespräche
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– What’s up with the world?
– Who cares.
– We’re part of it.
– Are we?
– Well, I am.
– I’m not.
– Who do you think you are? Someone special? Someone unearthy, someone above the mass?
– No, just… Not belonging there, really.
– What makes you assume you differ enough not to belong?
– It’s not an assumption, and it’s not about a difference.
– What is it about?
– It’s about a feeling.
– You with your feelings. There’s nothing but feelings, you live in your little world made of fake feelings.
– Apart from fake feelings that’s exactly what i mean. Anyone who lives in their own little world doesn’t really belong to the outer ‚real‘ world.
Everyone does, everyone lives in their own little world.
– Well, then no one really belongs to the real world.
– Again, everyone does. Because the ‚real‘ world is made of all those little worlds.
– And from all those little worlds you belong but to your own.
– Fancy language doesn’t make it sound more convincing.
– I don’t care how it sounds. It’s true, and that’s it.
– Truth is relative.
– All the empty phrases.
– Fake words for fake feelings.
– My feelings are not fake.
– How do you know?
– Why wouldn’t I know?
– Why would you?
– Well, then I don’t. Who cares.
– Is there anything you care about?
– Yes. Those fake feelings.


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