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(Nacht, 02:10)

Sitting still. Breathing. Deep. In and out. … In… and out… Closed eyes. Muscles relaxed. Head on the pillow. Peaceful breathing. (The laptop is too loud so a quick wake-up to change the power mode.) And again – closing eyes, head down, muscles relaxed. Let the fingers be your only moving part. Heart, breath, blood, fingers. Consciousness. Drifting away. Feeling the room, feeling the air around. Sensing the flow of the air on my forehead. Eyes tensing and relaxing again. Peaceful. The room disappears, there’s only some endlesss black space leading to nowhere. Around my hands and a part of the keyboard. The elbow appear. And disappear. The fingers searching automatically for letters. Keys with the usual monotonous clicking. Tipping. Drifting away. Somewhere. A smile. Colours, blue colours. Heavy on my eyes. Vanishing into the brain. Getting wider, pressing the eyes. Pressing the lips sliding to the chest cool detached heavy feeling pressing … first aid.. smile white light blending appear dissappear flecken lachen blue spots grinsen zu breit viel zu breit lachen blendendes licht farben weiss das die augen den kopf bedeckt entspannt light the head, lighter shoulders sinking getting lighter … even breating finger tips on the keys feeling sensing going back but light blending again head back erschöpft entspannt erholt müde weiß schwarz im raum ich muss schalafen – gedanke im kopf klopft klopft will raus zieht mich zurück noch augen auf. bildschirm. Ähhm… Whatever. Bedtime, now.