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– What’s up with the world?
– Who cares.
– We’re part of it.
– Are we?
– Well, I am.
– I’m not.
– Who do you think you are? Someone special? Someone unearthy, someone above the mass?
– No, just… Not belonging there, really.
– What makes you assume you differ enough not to belong?
– It’s not an assumption, and it’s not about a difference.
– What is it about? (mehr …)


careless and empty

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Not that I cared. Not that I should have had. Not even that I thought about it. That wasn’t me. Something, something unvisible was around, near me, above me, pressing the thick air towards my brain and my lungs, and made me suffocate. I gasped and tried to flee, I couldn’t see, the view was blurred. I couldn’t think clearly, I couldn’t think at all. That something was now smashing itself against my head, I heard dull thuds and felt some sticky burnt-rubber-like liquid melting my hair, flooding my back. I tried to scream but not a sound came out, I shivered. And then, I sunk, as the thick emptiness attacked again, it pressed against my ribs, my heart, I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t feel. I fell, and now, defeated, rackless on the ground, a wrack, I thought an only thought, a lonely thought. Maybe. Maybe I did care.

ein lächeln auf deinen lippen
die sanftheit der berührung
das licht in deinen augen
und die wärme deiner nähe
zaubert mir ein lächeln auf die lippen

……………………………………… (mehr …)


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whatever we think
whatever we do
whatever we feel…

there’s no going back
there’s no going forth
there’s no buffer time

we hung up